Studio – Creative spaces for creative people.


För drygt ett år sedan blev jag kontaktad av författaren Sally Couthard som skrev på sin nya bok Studio – Creative Spaces for Creative People. Hon hade sett bilder från min studio på Pinterest och ville ha med mig och min studio i ett kapitel i boken.


Sally ord om mig och min studio gör mig fortfarande rörd.

”Stylists are alchemists. They take everyday objects and transform them into something extraordinary.  They understand balance and composition as well as any artist. They appreciate the importance of visual rhythm as much as any architect. And they have a photographer’s understanding of form and pattern. Bring these three disciplines together, combine them with an interior designer’s flair for space and colour, and you’ve got the recipe for a visually stunning studio.

Art director and stylist Katrin Baath’s workspace is a masterclass in careful editing. With a clean, white background and just a few, well-chosen pieces, she’s created a studio that’s crisp, sleek and just ever-so-edgy. It’s the simple things that matter here the most, “The windows, the view and the amazing light are the best parts of my studio,” explains Katrin.  “I decided to keep it monochrome and made a promise to myself to only buy furniture that I really loved.”  The centrepiece, a black cabinet from Lindebjerg Design, is a practical storage space for props but also a beautiful display in its own right and Katrin’s favourite piece in the studio.

In a stylist’s world, everything can be adapted or altered to create something new and exciting. A plain IKEA sideboard is transformed with a bespoke marble top, a clothes hanger made from leather belts and a simple rod, and a mirrored hostess trolley becomes stylish storage.  Vintage pieces rub shoulders with cutting-edge Swedish design to create a studio that’s relaxed, chic and couldn’t be anyone else’s but Katrin’s”.


Nu har det gått ett år och jag fick mitt ex i handen för några veckor sedan. Så himla kul! Är ni sugna på ett eget exemplar hittar ni boken här.


Foto: Katrin Bååth